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Never over-roast or under-roast again.

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See color as you roast

Now you can take advantage of ColorTrack as you roast!

ColorTrack watches in real time as the beans are roasted, constantly monitoring their color and notifying you the second the beans are roasted to your specific color.

Monitoring color during roasting corrects for environmental factors such as ambient temperature and humidity that traditional time/temperature roast profiles have no hope of correcting. With ColorTrack Realtime, you get the perfect roast every time

ColorTrack Realtime will also eliminate human error associated with manual monitoring of roast development, and when used on select roasters, can even automatically drop the roast into the cooling tray when it's reached the perfect color.

See how Realtime can correct your roast profile

Say you developed your roast profile on a standard day, at 72°F and 50% humidity. Drag the sliders to see how your roast can change the very next day, and how ColorTrack Realtime can prevent these changes from affecting the product.

Target time: 11:43
Target color: 72 (full city)

Without ColorTrack Realtime

Roast time: 11:43
End color: 72

With ColorTrack Realtime

Roast time: 11:43
End color: 72
ColorTrack Realtime advises you to follow your current time/temperature profile.

This simulation is based on real-world test data, but is intended only as a rough illustration of ColorTrack Realtime performance.

Easy and affordable

With ColorTrack Realtime, you pay as you roast. At a penny a pound or less*, you can have complete quality assurance through color monitoring. Just pay a refundable deposit, and a ColorTrack technician will install and calibrate Realtime on your roaster and you'll be on your way to a perfect roast, every time. And for a limited time, you can try ColorTrack Realtime commitment free for a month!

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