We make it easy to get your roast right, every time

ColorTrack sets up in minutes, and easily integrates with existing systems.


Always ready

Every ColorTrack system is ready to go the instant it’s plugged in. No warm up, no calibration after the first day, and no lamps to maintain. Other color measurement devices can take 20 minutes to warm up, and their bulbs drift further out of calibration with every sample.


There’s no complicated set up, and integration with Cropster is built in. With RealTime units, we provide a custom mount for your roaster, and install it for you and train your staff in minutes.  And our service team is there for any questions and assistance for the life of the product.


Easy to sample

Save time with live, foolproof sampling of both beans and ground coffee, with no need for uniform prep. The ColorTrack laser is resistant to bumps and dips in the sample, so non-uniform surfaces will still read accurately.

Easy to share

Sample data is stored in your own virtual lab and available for comparison and sharing with multiple roasters and/or multiple locations, making it easier to deliver consistent roasts from multiple locations.

Three options to choose from

ColorTrack BenchTop

The original ColorTrack unit brings accuracy to your coffee lab or quality control line.

ColorTrack Realtime

Monitor color development in real-time to head off any potential issues for a perfect roast every time.

ColorTrack Cloud

Every sample taken is automatically sent to the cloud, where you can store, analyze, organize and share them.

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