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A perfectly consistent roast, every time

Discover how our laser analysis will help you deliver a new standard of coffee roasting perfection.

Learn more about the advantages of our coffee roast laser analysis from our Director of Technology and the head roaster from Barefoot Coffee Roasters.  


Unbeatable accuracy

Using innovative coffee roast laser analysis technology, ColorTrack offers precision and repeatability of color to .01 points, with automatic adjustment for constantly changing ambient air temperature and humidity. Color analysis tools that use old-tech incandescent or LED bulbs need constant recalibration and have up to +/- 4-point error rate

Easy integration

ColorTrack integrates with Cropster and connects via Bluetooth for iOS devices, Mac and Windows software, or your custom dashboard. Both models are ready to go minutes after delivery – with no need for warm up.


Efficiencies in multiple areas

Accuracy of readings and automatic adjustments mean less waste, saving you time, money and effort. Customers typically reduce waste to less than 1%, versus the industry average of 2-6%

Stress-tested by roasters, large and small.


Find out how affordable roasting perfection can be.

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A perfectly consistent roast, every time